The bible clearly says…

I provide the following sermon by Bob Jones as evidence that biblical "literalists" (aka "fundamentalists" or "bible believing" Christians) have historically presumed to know what scripture says, without understanding what it means.

"Is Segregation Scriptural?”
by Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.
Bob Jones University
Greenville, South Carolina


Address given over Radio Station WMUU,
Bob Jones University,
Greenville, South Carolina,
Easter Sunday,
April 17, 1960

(This address was mechanically recorded and has not been edited.)

My friends, I am going to bring you today one of the most important and most

remotely messages I have ever brought. I hope you will sit close to the radio. Do not

let anything disturb you. I want you to hear this message through.


Now, we folks at Bob Jones University believe that whatever the Bible says is so, and

we believe it says certain fundamental things that all Bible‐believing Christians

accept; but when the Bible speaks clearly about any subject, that settles it. Men do

not always agree, because some people are dumb–some people are spiritually dumb;

but when the Bible is clear, there is not any reason why everybody should not accept



The Bible makes some things plain. It makes it plain how to be saved. We are saved

by grace through faith in the atoning blood of Christ. The Bible makes it plain that

man is naturally a sinner and that he has to become supernaturally a Christian–born



All orthodox, Bible‐believing Christians agree on one thing; and that is, that whatever

the Bible says is so. When they had old religious debates, they used to get together

and say, ‘Well, we will discuss this subject.’ One man would say, ‘The Bible says

this,’ and another man would say, ‘You are mistaken. It says this.’ They argued about

what the Bible said. They agreed that whatever it said was so, but they argued about

what it said.


In recent years there has been a subtle, Satanic effort to undermined people’s faith

in the Bible; and the devil has elf the race along until men have put their own

opinion above the Word of God. You will find that practically all the troubles we are

having today have come out of the fact that men in many instances have ceased to

believe in an authoritative Bible.


For instance, we are living in the midst of race turmoil all over the world today. Look

at what they are facing in Africa, and look at what we are facing in this country. It is

all contrary to Scripture–it is all contrary to the Word of God. I am going to show you

that the Bible is perfectly clear on races–just as clear as it can be.


People come along and say, “Well, God is the Father of everybody.” No, He is not.

God is the Father of born‐again people. The Bible says this as clearly as it can be put

in language. We are children of God by faith in Jesus Christ


There is no trouble between a born‐again white man and a born‐again colored man or

a born‐again Chinese or a born‐again Japanese. Born‐again, Bible‐believing Christians

do not have trouble. They may not understand some things; but when we give them

the Word of God for it, they see it and understand it.


You know, we have gotten away from the Bible. Modern education came along and

put the opinion of man above the Word of God, and man has come along and tried to

give us an explanation. All you have to do is live up to the Word of God, and you will

have no trouble about knowing how to meet life’s problems.


What does God teach about the races of the world? If you will go to the seventeenth

chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, you will find where Paul preached a special

sermon on Mars Hill. Remember now, Athens was the center of culture. There are

still fragments of the Athenian culture today in the museums over there; and you can

walk around among the crumbled ruins. Paul was there. Paul was chosen of God (he

was a Jew) to be the great apostle to the Gentiles. I think the greatest man who ever

lived was Paul–I mean I think he was greater than Moses and greater than any other

man who lived. Of course, I am not talking about the Lord Jesus Christ Who was God‐

Man. But to my mind, no other mere human ever reached the height of greatness

that Paul reached. He was honored as God never honored any other man. He suffered

as few men have ever had to suffer. He was misunderstood; but, oh, what a man he



Paul tells us in his sermon on Mars Hill, “God that made the world and all things

therein, seeing that he is Lord of heave and earth, dwelleth not in temples made

with hands.” Now, the statue of the Grecian goddess, Athena, was in the Parthenon;

and Paul said that God did dwell in buildings made with hands. “Neither is worshiped

with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and

breath, and all things.”


Now, notice–this is an important verse–the twenty‐sixth verse of the seventeenth

chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, “And hath made of one blood all nations of men

for to dwell on all the face of the earth” (in some of the best original manuscripts,

the word “blood” is not there, but it is not important anyhow, because the thoughts

are the same). “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the

face of the earth. . . .” But do not stop there, “. . . and hath determined the times

before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.” Now, what does that say?

That says that God Almighty fixed the bounds of their habitation. That is as clear as

anything that was ever said.


If you have a legal document and there is a paragraph that is clear and you come

across an obscure passage, you interpret the obscure passage in the light of the clear

passage. Any lawyer will tell you that. If he has a case in court, he will say, “Now,

gentlemen of the jury, here is what this paragraph says. This one paragraph is not

quite clear, but this other paragraph is clear; and we will interpret this in the light of

the clear passage.”


God Almighty did not make of the human race one race in the sense that He did not

fix the bounds of their habitation. That is perfectly clear. It is no accident that most

Chinese are in China. There has been an overflow in the world, but most Chinese live

in China. There are millions and millions of them there, and there are no greater

people in the world. I have never known lovelier and more wonderful people than the



We were over in Formosa a few years ago and conferred an honorary degree on

Generalissimo Chiang Kai‐shek, and I never met a greater man. I never met a man of

more intelligence or a more wonderful Christian; and Madame Chiang Kai‐shek is a

wonderful woman. There they are. Now, what happened? They married each other.

She was a Christian Chinese woman educated in America. When she finished her

education, she went back to her home in China. How God has used Generalissimo and

Madame Chiang Kai‐shek–not only as Christian witnesses but also in other ways. I was

never with a man who pulled me to him with stronger ties than Generalissimo Chiang

Kai‐shek when I was over there and conferred an honorary degree on him. All right,

he is a Chinese. He married a Chinese woman. That is the way God meant it to be.


Paul said that God ” . . . hath made of one blood all nations of men . . . .” But He

also fixed the bounds of their habitation. When nations break out of their boundaries

and begin to do things contrary to the purpose of God and the directive will of God,

they have trouble. The world is in turmoil today because men and nations go

contrary to the clear teaching of the Word of God. Let’s understand that. The

Chinese people are wonderful people. They have internal troubles, of course,

because Communism has gone into China and disturbed a great deal of the

population. But the Chinese people are wonderful people. The Japanese people are

ingenious–they are wonderful people. The Koreans are wonderful people. The

Africans are wonderful people. In many ways, there are no people in the world finer

than the colored people who were brought over here in slavery in days gone by.


You talk about a superior race and an inferior race and all that kind of situation. Wait

a minute. No race is inferior in the will of God. Get that clear. If a race is in the will

of God, it is not inferior. It is a superior race. You cannot be superior to another race

if your race is in the will of God and the other race is in the will of God. But the

purposes of these races were established by Almighty God; and when man attempts

to run contrary to the directive will of God for this world, there is always trouble.

Now, that is the trouble.


What happened? Well, away back yonder our forefathers went over to Africa and

brought the colored people back and sold them into slavery. That was wrong. But

God overruled. When they came over here, many of them did not know the Bible and

did not know about Jesus Christ; but they got converted. Some of the greatest

preachers the world has ever known were colored preachers who were converted in

slavery days. John Jasper was one of them. One of the greatest preachers who ever

stood before an American audience was John Jasper. And Same Jones, years ago

down in Georgia, told us about an old, colored preacher down there. He said, “There

is no man who ever stood on two legs who could preach like him.”


God Almighty allowed these colored people to be turned here into the South and

overruled what happened, and then He turned the colored people in the South into

wonderful Christian people. For many years we have lived together. Occasionally

there will be a flare‐up. But the white people have helped the colored people build

their churches, and we have gotten along together harmoniously and peacefully; and

everything has come along fine. Sometimes we have a little trouble, but then we

adjust everything sensibly and get back to the established order. But the good white

flakes have always stood by their good colored friends, and the good colored folks

have always stood by their good white friends. No two races ever lived as close

together as the white people and the colored people here in the South and got along

so well.


Now, what is the matter? There is an effort today to disturb the established order.

Wait a minute. Listen, I am talking straight to you. White folks and colored folks, you

listen to me. You cannot run over God’s plan and God’s established order without

having trouble. God never meant to have one race. It was not His purpose at all. God

has a purpose for each race. God Almighty may have overruled and permitted the

slaves to come over to America so that the colored people could be the great

missionaries to the Africans. They could have been. The white people in America

would have helped pay their way over there. But the hundred and hundred they

could have gone back to Africa and got the Africans converted after the slavery days

were over.


All right, now what is happening? Down in Africa there is trouble and turmoil. There is

racial disturbance all over the world, and it is not of God. The Bible is clear on this.

When people come along and say, “Well, God is the Father of everybody,” they are

wrong. He is not the Father of everybody. That is not in the Bible. That is a Satanic

lie. Let me repeat, the Bible says as clearly as language can put it that people are

children of God by faith in Jesus Christ. We are children of God by faith in Jesus

Christ. That is what the Bible says. Let’s take the Word of God and quit slandering

the Word of God. We are children of God by faith in Jesus Christ. A born‐again white

man and a born‐again colored man can settle any differences they have. God is their

Father. They are children of God by faith in Jesus Christ. A born‐again white man and

a born‐again colored man can settle any differences they have. God is their Father.

They are children of God by faith in Jesus Christ.


Individually, Christian people in the South–white and black–through the years have

been able to work together and to understand each other. But now a world of

outside agitation has been started, and people are coming in the name of piety, but

it is a false piety, and are endeavoring to disturb God’s established order; and we are

having turmoil all over America. This disturbing movement is not of God. It is not in

line with the Bible. It is Satanic. Now, listen and understand this. Do not let people

lead you astray.


“Well,” you say, “The colored folks have not been treated right.” I agree with you.

Neither have the poor white people been treated right. When I was a boy in

Southeast Alabama, we lived in what was called the white section of the State. there

were not many colored people there. The slaves were in the western part and in the

midsection of the State. Down in Southeast Alabama there were some slaves but not

many; but they had the reconstruction days–hard days–and the time came along when

people were having a hard time. Some white folks were not treated right. They paid

20 per cent interest on money. They were oppressed by people who had money. The

colored people down in my country were treated just as well as the white people by

businessmen. Any man who would mistreat a colored man would mistreat a white

man. If he is mean enough to mistreat one man, he is mean enough to mistreat



You can go to any city in the country and find the poor people living in a certain

section there. I do not say that things are right. But things are not going to be made

right by trying to overthrow God’s established order. That is not the way to make

things right. You cannot make them right that way. The colored people in the South

today are better off than they are anywhere else in the world. The situation is not a

perfect situation for the white folks or the colored folks or for anybody else; but we

have never had a perfect situation in this world since Adam and Eve disobeyed God in

the Garden of Eden.


I want you folks to listen–you white and you colored folks. Do not let these Satanic

propagandists fool you. This agitation is not of God. It is of the devil. Do not let

people slander God Almighty. God made it plain. God meant for Christian people to

treat each other right. If you are a Christian white person or a Christian colored

person, you will treat each other right. We Christians are children of God by faith in

Jesus Christ. We are one in Christ; but let us remember that the God Who made of

one blood all nations also fixed the boundaries of their habitations.


Yes, Paul said, “God . . . hath made of one blood all nations of men . . . . ” All men,

to whatever race they may belong, have immortal souls; but all men have mortal

bodies, and God fixed the boundaries of the races of the world. Let me repeat that it

is no accident that most of the Chinese live in China. It is not an accident that most

Japanese live in Japan; and the Africans should have been left in Africa, and the

Gospel should have been take to them as God commanded His people to do.


Wherever we have the races mixed up in large numbers, we have trouble. They have

trouble in New York. They have trouble in San Francisco. They have had trouble all

over California. Back in the old days when I was a young fellow, Captain Richmond

Pearson Hobson went up and down this country and lectured on the “yellow peril”

and told us we were owing to have trouble with Japan. He said there would be a war

with Japan someday. People said, “Oh, well, he is crazy.” Other leaders went over

this country and lectured on the “yellow peril” and the dangers we were facing.

Remember, we did have a war with Japan.


The best friends we have in many ways are in the Orient. There are millions of

Chinese over there. Dr. Grace Haight, who used to be on our faculty and who was a

missionary to China, told us that the Chinese were the best people in the world. Let

me tell you something. When it comes to quality of races, all these races have

quality. They have good qualities and bad qualities.


If we would just listen to the Word of God and not try to overthrow God’s established

order, we would not have nay trouble. God never meant for America to be a melting

pot to rub out the line between the nations. That was not God’s purpose for this

nation. When someone goes to overthrowing His established order and goes around

preaching pious sermons about it, that makes me sick–for a man to stand up and

preach pious sermons in this country and talk about rubbing out the line between

the races–I say it makes me sick. I have had the sweetest fellowship with colored

Christians, with yellow Christians, with red Christians, with all sorts of Christians–the

sweetest fellowship anybody has ever had, we have had. Christians have always had

  1. We have never had any trouble about that.


The trouble today is a Satanic agitation striking back at God’s established order. That

is what is making trouble for us. Of course, it is easy to look back over the years and

see the situation from another standpoint; but when the folks up North went to

Africa and brought the slaves over to this country and sold them to the Southern

people, the Southern people should have been Christian enough to have said, “We

will not have any slaves. We are not going ahead.” But, you know, they went ahead.

Only a small percentage of the Southern people held slaves. Only a small percentage

of them were slave owners. A great many people in the South in the old days did not

believe in slavery–they stood against slavery. But they went ahead, and the

commercial element was dominant; and people bought slaves and sold them. This

slavery was not right. It should not have been. What we should have done was to

have sent missionaries to Africa. Yes, that is what we should have done. That would

have been in line with Scripture.


God put the Africans over there. They are fine people. They are intelligent people.

Do not think they are inferior in every way. It is not so. But we should have sent

missionaries over there, and Africa should have been a great nation of colored

Christians. If we had done what God had told us to do and sent the Gospel to them

and made a Christian nation out of them instead of bringing them over here and

selling them into slavery, Africa could have been a great nation of colored Christians.

What we did was wrong. It was not right. It cannot be justified. We should not try to

justify it. But people went along. Some good people fell for it and went ahead with

it; and God overruled it.


I will venture there is not a population in the world where there is a larger

percentage of professing Christians than among the colored people in the South. We

Christian white people all have good friends among the colored people. The colored

Christian people are sensing the dangers we are facing now. There is already an

uprising among good, Christian colored people in the South. They are trying to fight

back the subtle, Satanic disturbance we have in this country.

There has never been a time, especially int he last ten years, when the white people

in the South were so eager to help the colored people build their schools and see

that they get what they ought to have. All this agitation going on is not headed up by

real, Bible‐believing, Christian people.


These religious liberals are the worst infidels in many ways in the country; and some

of them are filling pulpits down South. They do not believe the Bible any longer; so it

does not do any good to quote it to them. They have gone over to modernism, and

they are leading the white people astray at the same time; and they are leading

colored Christians astray. But every good, substantial, Bible‐believing, intelligent,

orthodox Christian can read the Word of God and know that what is happening in the

South now is not of God.


God gave every race something. He gave the Africans something. He gave the Chinese

something that he did not give the Japanese. He gave races certain things. He chose

the Jews. They are the most wonderful people who ever lived in the world. God

chose them; and God segregated them, not because they were inferior but because

He had a purpose for that race.


God Almighty had a purpose for the Jewish race; and for that purpose to be carried

out, He had to separated them from among the nations of the earth. God chose

Israel; and through the loins of Israel, He brought us the Messiah. He gave us the

Bible through Israel. The Jews have outlived all the nations. They have been

scattered over the face of the earth, and they have kept their racial identity through

the years. You will find the Jew in London, the Jew in New York, the Jew in San

Francisco, the Jew in Tokyo, the Jew in Hong Kong. I congratulate them. I am a

friend of the Jew. I believe that the Covenant that God made with Abraham holds

good until this day, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth

thee. . . .”


The Jews are back in Palestine with a Government today. God scattered them, but

He brought them back to their homeland. I am for them, and I am for their homeland

and for their Government. I do not agree with them about Jesus. I know Jesus Christ

was the Son of God; and I know that when Jesus Christ comes back again, He will be

the King of the Jews and will be accepted and a nation will be born in a day. and

Jerusalem will be the capital of the world. That is all in the Bible. It is clear as day.

Yes, God chose the Jews. If you are against segregation and against racial separation,

then you are against God Almighty because He made racial separation in order to

preserve the race through whom He could send the Messiah and through whom He

could send the Bible. God is the author of segregation. God is the author of Jewish

separation and Gentile separation and Japanese separation. God made of one blood

all nations, but He also drew the boundary lines between races.


Of course, in America we do not have a serious problem with the Orient. If we had as

many Chinese and Japanese as we have colored people in the South, we would run

into the same problem; but we have no Oriental problem here in the South.

Some of the most wonderful people in the world are Chinese and some are Japanese;

and some of the most wonderful people who ever breathed the breath of life are

colored people. Every one of you white folks who are listening to me now have

colored friends. I have, and I would fight for them; and you would, too. It has always

been that way. Individually, we are friends. Racially, we are not at enmity; but we

are separate races. We have lived here in the South through these years.


After the Civil War the colored people wanted to build their schools and churches,

and white friends made financial contribution to the building of these schools and

churches. Back in those days it was not easy when the white folks were paying most

of the taxes–don’t you colored friends forget that when you are inclined to turn away

from your white friends. You colored people might also remember that your ancestry

in the South who were slaves breathed an atmosphere of culture back in those pre‐

Civil War days. Think of what your ancestors received in such an atmosphere. Think of

the religion that they learned and how they found God in slavery days. Think of those

old white preachers who preached to your colored ancestors when they were slaves.

Now listen, the time has come when we ought to sit down and go to thinking some

things through in this country. And you colored people listening to me and you white

people listening to me ought to keep your heads cool and your minds clear and your

hearts warm and keep up these friendly relations we have had through the years. Do

not let this outside, Communistic, Hellish influence disturb the friendly relation we

have had in the South. The situation in the South had been better in recent years

than it had ever been; and all of this agitation is going to set this country back in the

South for twenty‐five to fifty years. We are headed that way. We ought to rise up and

begin to face this thing like we ought to face it as neighbors and fiends. Every one of

you colored people know your white friends. All you white people know your colored

friends. We have some of the them, and we would not let anybody mistreat them if

we could help it; and they would not let anybody mistreat us. It has always been that

way in the South.


But racially we have separation in the Bible. Let’s get that clear. Any race has a right

to come to America. We do not mean that when we came over here we wiped out

the line between races. We did not do that. We should have let the Africans stay in

Africa instead of bringing them here for slaves, but did you colored people ever stop

to think where you might have been if that had not happened? Now, you colored

people listen to me. If you had not been brought over here and if your grandparents

in slavery days had not heard that great preaching you might not even be a Christian.

You might be over there in the jungles of Africa today, unsaved. But you are here in

America where you have your own schools and your own churches and your own

liberties and your own rights, with certain restrictions that God Almighty put about

you–restrictions that are in line with the Word of God. The Jews have lived a

separated race. they have been separated from the other races of the world. They

have been miraculously preserved. Now they have a homeland. They are back there

today, and what a wonderful thing is happening.


The time has come when we good folks down here in the South–the good colored

people and the good white people–need to use our heads. We should not let this

outside agitation disturb us down here. Now, listen just a minute. You colored

people are entitled to good schools. You ought to have them. I would like for you to

remember something. Just remember that the South went through reconstruction

and had a hard time. It was not easy. Then remember something else, too. When

your ancestors were slaves in the homes of these Southern people, they got a breath

of culture that they could not have gotten even in the schoolrooms of America. They

heard the old‐time preachers. I have said many times that the greatest preachers

who have lived since the Apostolic days were the preachers of the South–the

preachers who preached to the colored people. And back there the slaves had the

Gospel. They were it and were converted. They were saved.


Many of these slave owners were godly, spiritual people. I remember hearing about

when John Jasper was converted at a corn husking and began to shout. His master

said, “John, what is the matter?” He said, “I have just been converted–been saved.”

“Well,” he said, “I am a Christian, too. We are brothers.” They shook hands. He said,

“Now, John, you take a day off and go around and tell all the colored folks how you

found the Lord. Take a day off and tell them.”


Back in the old days when I began to preach, over sixty years ago, nearly every church

I went to had a few old colored people who never did leave. They said, “We want to

stay here. We got converted here and want to stay here.” They were encouraged,

and the white people helped build their churches. They stood by them through the



Now, you intelligent‐thinking colored people know that you are with your friends. Do

not lose your friends. You friends are not somewhere else. They are right down here

in this country. Remember that now.


I have no axe to grind. I would like to tell you something. We had planned to build a

school, just like Bob Jones University, here in the South for colored people. We

wanted to build it. But we have run into this agitation now that makes it difficult,

and the years are piling up. I do not suppose I will ever be able to build it. We

wanted to build a great school where colored people could come and get all the

culture that we offer here at Bob Jones University. We would not have face the

problems that are face where there is integration. We wanted to build a place where

Christian colored people could get their education in an atmosphere where their

talents in music and speech and art and all could be preserved and handed down. We

wanted to build that kind of a school. We had that in mind until all this agitation

started. Now we have a mess on our hands, and it is spreading out over this country.

You white folks listen to me. Just remember the good, old, colored friends you had

in the days gone by. I remember mine. I remember that old, colored woman who was

with my wife’s grandmother when she died. She used to be a nurse in the home way

back in slavery days. I remember how my wife’s grandmother said the happiest day

she ever saw was when the slaves were freed. She owned hundreds of them, and she

said, “I was so happy. I was afraid some of them would be lost, and I felt that God

might hold me accountable.” That spirit represented the Old South.


You say slavery was not right. Well, I say it was not right. I say the colored people

should have been left over in Africa, and we should have sent missionaries over there

and got them converted. That is what we should have done. But we could not have

converted them as fast that way; and God makes the wrath of men to praise Him.

They were brought over here, and look what they have. They have their churches.

They have a freedom here they do not have anywhere else in the world. They have

an understanding here. Let’s not wipe out the line of understanding.


Now, I am appealing to you colored people and to you white people. Let’s use our

heads. Let’s be intelligent. Let’s not try to kick the Bible off the center table. Keep

your Bible where it belongs. When they tell you that God Almighty is not the author

of the boundaries of nations, you tell them that is wrong. You tell them it is

perfectly clear in the Bible that God made of one blood all nations but that He also

fixed the bounds of their habitation. There is nothing unscriptural about that.

Listen just a minute. We are trying to bring a few people from other lands here to

Bob Jones University so we can educate them and help them. We have two Chinese

gentlemen teaching here in this school. They are Christian men. They are intelligent

men, and they understand what we are doing. They know where we are going. We

honor and respect them.


There is no problem here. But it could be a problem. It could be a problem in

California. It could be a problem anywhere. Whenever you get a situation that rubs

out the line that God has drawn between races, whenever that happens, you are

going to have trouble. That is what is happening today in this country. All this

agitation is a Communistic agitation to overthrow the established order of God in this

world. The Communistic influence is at work all about us. Certain people are

disturbing this situation. They talk about the fact that we are going to have one

world. We will never really have one world until this world heads up in God. We are

not going to have one world by man’s rubbing out the line that God has established.

He is marking the lines, and you cannot rub them out and get away with it.


The established order cannot be overthrown without having trouble. That is what

wrecked Paradise. God set up the order of Paradise. He told Adam and Eve how to

live and what food to eat and what not to eat. He drew the lines around that Garden;

and when Adam and Eve crossed over the lines of God, thorns grew on roses. The first

baby that was born was a murderer and killed his own brother. So it has gone down

through the ages. It is man’s rebellion (due to the fall) against a Holy God to

overthrow the established order of God in this world.


Now I can sit down with any Christian Japanese, and Christian Chinese, and Christian

African, etc., anywhere in the world and as a Christian have fellowships. That is a

different relationship. A Christian relationship does not mean a marriage relationship.

You can be a Christian and have fellowship with people that you would not marry and

that God does not want you to marry and that if you should marry you would be

marrying outside the will of God. Why can’t you see that? Why can’t good, solid,

substantial people who do not have any prejudices and do not have any hatred and

do not have any bitterness see this? Let’s approach this thing in a Christian way.

Let’s make the battle a Christian battle. Do not let people run over you by coming

along and talking about the Universal Fatherhood of God and the Universal

Brotherhood of man. There is no Universal Fatherhood of God and Universal

Brotherhood of man. There is not a word about that in the Bible.


We have three classes in the Bible. We have the Jew (a segregated race), the Gentile

(and this includes everybody else), and the Church of God (meaning the Body of

Christ, as it is used here). In the Church of God there are no Jews, no Gentiles, no

white folks, no black folks. We are one in Christ. There is no trouble between a

colored Christian and a white Christian. They operate as individuals and deal with

each other as Christians who have their citizenship in Heaven. Up in Heaven there

will be no boundaries. We will be one forever with Christ. But we are not one down

here, as far as race is concerned and as far as nations are concerned. God said so, and

Paul made it clear when he preached at Athens in the midst of Athenian culture. He

said that God “. . . hath made of one blood all nations of men. . . .” But God has also

done something else. He has fixed the bounds of their habitations.


A lot of this agitation comes from evangelists of a certain type who have never gone

into this situation but who are going up and down rubbing out the line between

those who believe the Bible is the Word of God an those who believe the Bible just

contains or may contain the Word of God. They do not get all of this “hot‐air” stuff

out of the Bible. It is not in the Bible. It is nothing in the world, but “hot‐air”

glamour with a sentimental, soap‐bubble, anemic kind of religion that is not in the

Word of God.


I have been in this business all these years. I know something about it. I know what

the Word of God teaches. I know what the great evangelists believed. I know how

they stood through the years. We are facing serious dangers today–more serious than

we can ever imagine. May God help us to see it and understand it and to be true to



When you run into conflict with God’s established order racially, you have trouble.

You do not produce harmony. You produce destruction and trouble, and this nation

is in the greatest danger it has ever been in in its history. We are facing dangers from

abroad and dangers at home, and the reason is that we have got away from the Bible

of our forefathers. The best Christians who ever put foot on this earth since the

Apostolic days were the men and women in America back in the old days. Some of

them owned slaves, and some of them did not; and some of them were slaves, and

some of them were not. Back in those days they believed the Bible, and God called

this nation into existence to be a witness to the world and to be true to the Word of

God. Do not let these religious liberals blowing their bubbles of nothing over your

head get you upset and disturbed. Let’s get back to the Word of God and be



You white folks and you black folks listening to me this morning, if you are Christians,

we are one in Christ. If you are yellow or red or whoever you are, if you are

Christians, we are one in Christ. We can get along together as Christians, and we had

better stand together as Christians.


You preachers, listen to me. I know what is going on. We are facing dangers in

America. Enemies are being made now that are dividing this country as it has never

been divided in its history. We are facing the greatest dangers we have ever faced,

and the religious liberals are riding in now on the crest of a wave of what seems to be



If you are a Christian, you are not going to mistreat anybody. You will not mistreat a

colored man or a white man or anybody else. Individually, we are one in Christ; but

God has also fixed the boundaries of nations, and these lines cannot be rubbed out

without having trouble. The darkest day the world has ever known will be when we

have one world like they are talking about now. The line will be rubbed out, and the

Antichrist will take over and sit down on the throne and rule the world for a little

while; and there will be judgement and the cataclysmic curses found in the book of

Revelation. We are going to face all this. May God help us to see it and to be true and

faithful to Him.


Our heavenly Father, bless our country. We thank Thee for our ancestors. We thank

Thee for the good, Christian people–white and black. We thank Thee for the ties that

have bound these Christian white people and Christian colored people together

through the years, and we thank Thee that white people who had a little more

money helped them build their churches and stood by them and when they got sick,

they helped them. No nation has ever prospered or been blessed like the colored

people in the South. Help these colored Christian not to get swept away by all the

propaganda that is being put out now. Help us to see this thing and to understand

God’s established order and to be one in Christ and to understand that God has fixed

the boundaries of the nations so we would not have trouble and misunderstanding.


Keep us by Thy power and use us for They glory, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.