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All Rise for the King’s Colours

See this flag? It’s known as “The King’s Colours” and it was adopted by Great Britain in 1707. This was the flag of the original thirteen colonies prior to our war for independence. If you lived in the Americas prior to 1776, this is the flag you would have saluted if you were a soldier.…
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Don’t be too tough on 2016

2016. People want it gone post haste. The year has been full of death and disappointment. Beloved celebrities left us and an obscene little man was elected president. While the latter may be remarkable, the former should be expected with an aging population. Trust me, the grim reaper won’t slack off in 2017. No, I’m…
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Dad’s a Nazi

Last week, my son complained I was hogging the Netflix account. "You and mom always watch the same stuff. I think you should let me pick. Let me expand your horizons dad." "Expand my horizons? Are you kidding me? I challenge you to find a more eclectic mix of titles than what's on my “recently…
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We Survived

On my 50th birthday, it was early July and winter was a distant memory. I enjoyed a lovely evening spent with a few close friends. I told my kids they could each pick someone to invite and we'd all relax on the deck with some steaks on the BBQ and cold beer in the ice…
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It was only a matter of time

bw-selfieOne of my best kept secrets was a blog I published for several years. I flattered myself that the spambots were real live humans and I had thousands of readers. In truth, I think it was me and my friend Todd.

Now that I'm almost finished with a book project I've been working on this past year, I thought I should make an earnest effort to engage my adoring non-existent spambot audience, if only to tell them to shove off.

I just purchased a state-of-the-art spam filter that promises to purge all all the non-human subscribers to my blog.

Soon, hopefully, real people will lavish me with their praise. I will know them by the Viagra they want to sell me.

Seriously, this is a blog about my struggles with faith, living with Bipolar, and loving well.

Stay tuned. You will be amazed.