It was only a matter of time

bw-selfieOne of my best kept secrets was a blog I published for several years. I flattered myself that the spambots were real live humans and I had thousands of readers. In truth, I think it was me and my friend Todd.

Now that I'm almost finished with a book project I've been working on this past year, I thought I should make an earnest effort to engage my adoring non-existent spambot audience, if only to tell them to shove off.

I just purchased a state-of-the-art spam filter that promises to purge all all the non-human subscribers to my blog.

Soon, hopefully, real people will lavish me with their praise. I will know them by the Viagra they want to sell me.

Seriously, this is a blog about my struggles with faith, living with Bipolar, and loving well.

Stay tuned. You will be amazed.