My God Can Kick Your God’s Ass!

The first insult I remember as a child was from a boy who exclaimed, “MY dad can beat up YOUR dad,” after I edged past him for the highest spot on the jungle gym. No matter how loudly he protested, I refused to yield my position. That's when he used the go-to insult by boys who feel…
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Embrace the Gray

This summer I had a fierce determination to lose weight and eat healthy. Diet and exercise play a huge role in mental health. When the weather is warm and the days are long, I have no problem finding the motivation to cycle 20 miles, or run three or four miles. From May to September, I…
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This morning, during my time of prayer and meditation, my mind drifted towards a place it frequently goes. In that place, a voice tells me what a failure I am. How I never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. How I'll never get to where I want to go. My theology regarding hell and…
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Dad’s a Nazi

Last week, my son complained I was hogging the Netflix account. "You and mom always watch the same stuff. I think you should let me pick. Let me expand your horizons dad." "Expand my horizons? Are you kidding me? I challenge you to find a more eclectic mix of titles than what's on my “recently…
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No Outlet

6:00 am.   I really should get out of bed, but the thought of starting my day is overwhelming.   It’s Sunday. Should I go to church?   Of course, I should go.   My anxiety ratchets up. I am paralyzed.   My wife usually helps me focus, but she’s been gone since Thursday. She’s…
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