All Rise for the King’s Colours

See this flag? It’s known as “The King’s Colours” and it was adopted by Great Britain in 1707. This was the flag of the original thirteen colonies prior to our war for independence. If you lived in the Americas prior to 1776, this is the flag you would have saluted if you were a soldier.…
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Throwback Thursday

High school was an awful experience for me. I was bullied. I didn’t fit in. I didn’t like the way I looked. I had such a poor self-image, in retrospect I wonder if I didn’t suffer from a mild form of body dysmorphia. During the three years spent at Thomas Jefferson High School in Cedar…
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Don’t be too tough on 2016

2016. People want it gone post haste. The year has been full of death and disappointment. Beloved celebrities left us and an obscene little man was elected president. While the latter may be remarkable, the former should be expected with an aging population. Trust me, the grim reaper won’t slack off in 2017. No, I’m…
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The End of Ambition

I took this summer off. I vowed I would make the most of the season. I believe I have done that. I believe I can make the dreaded sojourn into the cold and gray knowing I bathed in every drop of sunshine each day had to offer. “You’ve gotten quite a tan,” my son remarked. This…
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At the Crossroads of Life and Death

May is National Mental Health Awareness month. I meant to have a blog post announcing this at the beginning of the month, since this is supposed to be one of my primary themes. Ironically, I've been sidelined by issues related to - you guessed it - my mental health. I have been diagnosed not once, not…
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