Monthly Archives: February 2015

About Elmer Gantry

Elmer Gantry. Written in 1926 by Sinclair Lewis, this book rocked the religious world and was banned in more than a few cities largely because of the fictional character the book was named for. Though quite popular and controversial as a book, it was the 1960 film that was among the few movies I remember…
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We Survived

On my 50th birthday, it was early July and winter was a distant memory. I enjoyed a lovely evening spent with a few close friends. I told my kids they could each pick someone to invite and we'd all relax on the deck with some steaks on the BBQ and cold beer in the ice…
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Wanna play ball?

As a kid everything I did was done with my pals. Most was done outdoors: Sledding in the winter, riding bikes in the spring, baseball in the summer, football in the fall. Each of these activities taught me a lot about my childhood buddies. I knew who could be selfish, who was competitive, who was insecure,…
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It was only a matter of time

bw-selfieOne of my best kept secrets was a blog I published for several years. I flattered myself that the spambots were real live humans and I had thousands of readers. In truth, I think it was me and my friend Todd.

Now that I'm almost finished with a book project I've been working on this past year, I thought I should make an earnest effort to engage my adoring non-existent spambot audience, if only to tell them to shove off.

I just purchased a state-of-the-art spam filter that promises to purge all all the non-human subscribers to my blog.

Soon, hopefully, real people will lavish me with their praise. I will know them by the Viagra they want to sell me.

Seriously, this is a blog about my struggles with faith, living with Bipolar, and loving well.

Stay tuned. You will be amazed.